Friday, December 24, 2010

Grrr !!! Lost Post

Just wrote a long post and lost it ... Aggrrr !!!
So sorry, it's now 12:18am Friday 24, 2010. It's too late for me to rewrite it :-(

I'll try later to get all those lost word back in my head and onto a post ...
I'm upset 'cause I know next one won't be as good at the first draft. And it's so hard for me to finally get typing ... To loose it all is VERY frustrating to say the least !!!

Just in case: it was about needing help understanding how to create and manage a website.
I'm down and under with this new enterprise of mine: creating a website.
So if you have a website and know of great SUPER EASY to understand tutorials, videos, books, anything and everything to help, PLEASE SHARE !!!

Thank you.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who has a Mac ??? :: Miscellaneous Wednesday

I'm asking this question because I have one and at time I get really frustrated !!!

One great thing about a Mac is that it seams that it doesn't get all those viruses, worms and other disabilitating things a PC tent to catch ...

But on the other hand it make it hard to find cool thing to play with ...

I find that a lot of programs don't operate with an iOS system and most softwares are not compatible with MAC ... !!!
I often find myself growling in frustration when I find-out I can NOT do something because of this issue: AhhGrrr ... !!!

I guess that even if I've converted to an Apple product almost 4 years ago, I'm still a MAC illiterate ... !!!

So, is it time to activate my one-on-one class subscription with Apple or should I switch back to a PC ???

What do you think ???
What do you have to say on that subject ???

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How Did This All Started :: Miscellaneous Wednesday

I started blogging a while back not knowing what blogging was all about ...

At the time, I just wanted to have a journal that I could share with family and friends.
I started with Window Live. I had it looking cool and all ... I had up-loaded pictures and videos, wrote a few posts ...
But it wasn't much fun to do all that work and have no follow-up, no feedback, no interaction ...
Then, I got a Mac and well ... it turned out that Window Live wasn't compatible with my new laptop ... Of course !!!
I quickly lost interest.
In addition, I'm not much of a writer. You see, I have all those thoughts bottled-up in my head but when it's time to put them in writing, all goes blank ...
So, needless to say that I gave it up :-(

Then, MySpace came along and Hi5 ...
I tried those social networks but plain didn't like them, specially MySpace !!!

I kept checking things out on the world While Web ... and came to realize that what I really wanted was not only write a journal (which I'm still not able to do, at least regularly) ... What I was ultimately looking for by sharing those thoughts (if I could ever put then down in writing) is to SOCIALIZE, INTERACT, ...
But how to d just that ???

And along came the movie "Julie & Julia": the answer to my question ... BLOGGING !!! Because really, beside the homage to Julia Child, it was all about blogging, wasn't it ???

It took me a while before I jumped in and got started ... I was a little overwhelmed by everything surrounding "blogging" !!! I felt like: oh boy, oh boy, did I open a can of worms or what ???
I mean, GEE !!! Can it be more complex or what ???
- Choose a platform: Blogger, WordPress, ...
- Choose a blog design ...
- Choose a niche ...
A niche ??? But wait, it was supposed to only be a simple journal writing and sharing !!! A niche ??? Why would I need one ???
All went up in the air into a big tornado of Q & A, information, confusion ...

When it finally passed and everything settled, I was left with 2 blogs, 1 Twitter account, not enough time, a mind overflowing with thoughts that I still couldn't really put in writing, ...
A MESS !!!

But this time, I wasn't about to give up because ... Well !!! I was ADDICTED !!! ... Yes, as contradicting as it sounds, I AM HOOKED !!!
I still need to learn how to get those darn thoughts in writing though :-/

How did you get started ???
Why do you blog ???


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where does time go ??? :: Tuesday Tune

Which day are we ??? ---> Tuesday !!!
But what is the date today ??? ---> 12/07/10

Gee !!! Where does time go ???

I'm so ashamed !!!
My last post was 6 days ago !!!
What a bad host I am not entertaining you ...
How disappointing that must be for you my faithful reader !!! And for the new ones too !!!

I'm sorry ...

Oh ... !!! Gosh ... !!! I was even supposed to write a guest post at "Losing The Baby Weight A Brownie At The Time".
NOT GOOD ... !!!

It seams I just blinked, but so much happened ... Time flew by ... !!!

I should really get back into the swing of things ...


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Letter To Pedestrians ..." :: Miscellaneous Wednesday

Dear Pedestrians,

Didn't your Mom and Dad ever tell you to look before you cross the road ???
I'll say double look and listen to incoming cars ...
No really !!!
Because when you decide to just pop out of no where in a middle of a turn, jump out from behind a bush or tree ... we can't promisse we'll be able to stop on time !!!

Please be aware of where you stand in relation to traffic 'cause when you cross and we are coming toward you with the rising or setting sun in our face, well ... we don't see you !!!

Or at least use the crosswalk !!!
Those were implemented for a reason: make crossing safer !!!
They have "BE CAREFUL !!! Possible pedestrian about to cross ... SLOW DOWN and BE READY TO STOP" written all over them ...

And what's up with you coming to the curb, seeing us come down the street and deciding to just go for it even if we are pretty close ???
Do you assume that because we drive a truck that it means we don't go fast and that you have all the time in the world to cross ???
Or do you really think our little truck can stop on a dime ???

Even if you are at the crosswalk, it doesn't mean you can just go and traffic will come to a stand still just for you ... specially if for some reason we didn't see you coming ... You have to give traffic a chance to see you and be able to stop ...

And talking about time, once we are securely stopped and it's clear that it's save to cross in front of us, will you PLEASE HURRY UP !!!
No really !!!
You come running out of the blue looking such in a rush ... and as soon as your feet touch the asphalt you down-shift to SLOW motion !!!
WHAT THE .... ???

Yes, please make it a snap because just like you, we have things to do and places to be ...
So, while you are in motion, get going and cross the darn road, will you ???
NOoooo, don't stop to answer this phone call or reply to this text !!!

So for the sake of all of us, please, let's all be careful,  stay safe and be respectful to each other