Friday, December 24, 2010

Grrr !!! Lost Post

Just wrote a long post and lost it ... Aggrrr !!!
So sorry, it's now 12:18am Friday 24, 2010. It's too late for me to rewrite it :-(

I'll try later to get all those lost word back in my head and onto a post ...
I'm upset 'cause I know next one won't be as good at the first draft. And it's so hard for me to finally get typing ... To loose it all is VERY frustrating to say the least !!!

Just in case: it was about needing help understanding how to create and manage a website.
I'm down and under with this new enterprise of mine: creating a website.
So if you have a website and know of great SUPER EASY to understand tutorials, videos, books, anything and everything to help, PLEASE SHARE !!!

Thank you.
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  1. Sorry you lost the post. How frustrating! As far as the website, the only website I've "created" is the blog, so I can't really help you. I'm sure there's some easy tutorials out there on You Tube, though.

  2. Its frustrating when you lose a post! I hope you all the best with your website. I don't know much about them to be honest and rely on my husband for most of my tech questions.

  3. @ brownie: lucky you !!!
    Some how, I got stock installing WordPress with this website on mine but what I really wanted it have Blogger ... I don't know how to do it !!!
    Oh well ... Got a lot if research to do, followed by lots of ready ...
    Where is the Tylenol ???

  4. What kind of website do you want to create? Do you know any coding? Do you want to pay or do it for free? There are some great tools nowadays, and actually, since you have a Mac, you have some GREAT software in there!! Depending on what you want to do, of course...

  5. @ Susi: I would like to try affiliate marketing with a little twist. By that I mean that I'm not expecting to make money but would like to blog about my journey in creating a website from ground zero ... I'm curious to try a few STUPID programs out there and talk about my experiences, troubles, frustrations, defeats, ... maybe a little success along the way as by getting the website up and running and getting a hand-on WordPress ...
    I would like to create this website with mostly my touch, so I guess I'll have to learn some coding ... But I'm ready to discover softwares, programs ... See what works and doesn't ... Write all about it ...
    Thank you SO MUCH for your comments Susi.

  6. To get your website up and running soon, I recommend can do as much or as little coding as you want. It's about 40 dollars, and for nicer templates about 25 dollars each (I recommend NCD themes). It takes some time to learn coding, and then you can get your website up and then work on it when you can.
    For hardcore coding, I use Rage Web design, but the lads on the Apple forums (who can be rather unpleasant) probably would say something else.
    Good luck, and welcome to the coding world...full of joys and frustrations!!!

  7. @ Susi: Woohoo !!! Until you I never knew if my Dear readers could actually know if another comment was made on a post they themselves leave a note to ... How did you know a new comment was made ??? In any case, I'm all excited about the news and see you got back to me SO FAST ;-)
    As for the coding, I'm not sure about the joy but can already see the frustrations {{rofl} ... Luckily, I'm well stocked with Tylenol {{LOL}}
    I'll be in touch ;-)

  8. I didn't:) I'm living a life with the computer right now (writing thesis and designing a website) and I just felt I wanted to go in and see if you replied. I always enjoy knowing other Mac users, and help people who want to learn more about website building, because I think it's so much fun!!! Feel free to e-mail code questions or anything else, probably more handy than doing it on blogs.. my address is susi1(at) I'm anything but a pro but I know the basics.