Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who has a Mac ??? :: Miscellaneous Wednesday

I'm asking this question because I have one and at time I get really frustrated !!!

One great thing about a Mac is that it seams that it doesn't get all those viruses, worms and other disabilitating things a PC tent to catch ...

But on the other hand it make it hard to find cool thing to play with ...

I find that a lot of programs don't operate with an iOS system and most softwares are not compatible with MAC ... !!!
I often find myself growling in frustration when I find-out I can NOT do something because of this issue: AhhGrrr ... !!!

I guess that even if I've converted to an Apple product almost 4 years ago, I'm still a MAC illiterate ... !!!

So, is it time to activate my one-on-one class subscription with Apple or should I switch back to a PC ???

What do you think ???
What do you have to say on that subject ???


  1. I only use Macs and I love them! It sounds like you do a mistake here... don't expect to use all the typical Windows programs. There are tons and tons of nice programs for Mac that do the same things. They just have other names. I still haven't found one software that doesn't have a Mac version. Don't look for Windows movie maker for Mac (just an example), look for "video editor for Mac" or whatever.. there are tons of open source software, and some very cheap softwares. What software do you need? Feel free to contact me if you need help... I'm all ears and happy to help if I can.

  2. @ Susi: Oh!!! Gee!!! I TOTALLY forgot about iWeb {{blushing}} ... but still, I need ALL the help I can get :-/ ... See, my brain is far to be a sponge !!! Everything has to be dissected into the most basic step by step instructions :-(
    Thank you Susi.

  3. iWeb rocks!!! It's probably the best software to start with if you're a novice but want a nice website! Let me know if you have questions. Been there, done that...:)

  4. @ Susi: I'll have to check iWeb ... I already have a domain name (at cheapname) and a trial webhost (at gator) ... And so far I've installed WordPress ... But that's it ... Now, I'm stock as WordPress totally intimidated me :-( I got so used to Blogger !!!
    From here, I'm not sure how iWeb will come into the picture ... ???
    I fell like I started with the wrong end of the stick :-/

    Tylenol time !!!

  5. Wordpress is super easy and the best options if you want to use the site as a blog. To use the iWeb blog feature, you need to have a MobileMe account to be able to enable comments. Mobileme is fantastic but quite expensive if that's the only thing you need it for.
    I use Wordpress as well so I can help there too... it's much nicer than Blogger!

  6. I'd go with wordpress over iweb. yes, it is intimidating, but you'll pick it up quickly. The hardest part is finding the theme you want to use. I made the switch from blogger to wp about 2 months ago. I'm also creating a website for my brother's business using wordpress.

    what sorts of programs are you looking for with mac? I've found there is a mac equivalent to most things.

  7. Thank you Audra for your comment ;-)
    I'm still not decided to make the move WP and still not clear on what it will bring me more compare to Blogger ...

    And as for iWeb, it looked scared me even more than WP :-/

    I really appreciate all your inputs