Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Letter To Pedestrians ..." :: Miscellaneous Wednesday

Dear Pedestrians,

Didn't your Mom and Dad ever tell you to look before you cross the road ???
I'll say double look and listen to incoming cars ...
No really !!!
Because when you decide to just pop out of no where in a middle of a turn, jump out from behind a bush or tree ... we can't promisse we'll be able to stop on time !!!

Please be aware of where you stand in relation to traffic 'cause when you cross and we are coming toward you with the rising or setting sun in our face, well ... we don't see you !!!

Or at least use the crosswalk !!!
Those were implemented for a reason: make crossing safer !!!
They have "BE CAREFUL !!! Possible pedestrian about to cross ... SLOW DOWN and BE READY TO STOP" written all over them ...

And what's up with you coming to the curb, seeing us come down the street and deciding to just go for it even if we are pretty close ???
Do you assume that because we drive a truck that it means we don't go fast and that you have all the time in the world to cross ???
Or do you really think our little truck can stop on a dime ???

Even if you are at the crosswalk, it doesn't mean you can just go and traffic will come to a stand still just for you ... specially if for some reason we didn't see you coming ... You have to give traffic a chance to see you and be able to stop ...

And talking about time, once we are securely stopped and it's clear that it's save to cross in front of us, will you PLEASE HURRY UP !!!
No really !!!
You come running out of the blue looking such in a rush ... and as soon as your feet touch the asphalt you down-shift to SLOW motion !!!
WHAT THE .... ???

Yes, please make it a snap because just like you, we have things to do and places to be ...
So, while you are in motion, get going and cross the darn road, will you ???
NOoooo, don't stop to answer this phone call or reply to this text !!!

So for the sake of all of us, please, let's all be careful,  stay safe and be respectful to each other


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  1. Pedestrians can be so dumb some times!!

    Thanks for your comments. My motivation is fitting back into my clothes and not feeling horrible about myself to be honest. It just takes a lot of work!