Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Hop !!! :: Miscellaneous Wednesday

Well, today I wasn't inspired :-/

For the last few nights I've not been able to sleep much !!!! I've been going to bed really late 1am for lack of feeling sleepy even though I was tired !?!?!?

So today, I didn't manage to get-up early compare to last week and I've been pretty lazy (blushing) ... I've yet to make the bed !!!

But I finally got around to scan and send important document needed in the process of registering our wedding back home in France. I also caught up on emails, FaceBook updates and was following up on the happening on the BlogFrog Communities ...

So while checking out the posts I found this Blog Hop and decided to join: it's my very FIRST participation to this activity, so I'm not sure what will come out of it ...
I see those often through out my blog reading but still don't know much about it and how it works.
I chose this one for today but know that Blue Frogs Legs initiate Blog Hop regularly and I will consider participating next time depending on what happen with this one ...

Even if you don't participate today, if you have any information about Blog Hop, please, share with me by leaving comments. You can also write your thought about such activity ... Is there different kind of Blog Hop ??? Is there one in particular that you like to join ???

And here is the link for today's Blog Hop ... I hope you enjoy ;-)

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