Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sad Sight :-(

I see road-kill often on the side of the high-way, freeway ... and it's sad !!! it makes it even worst when it's a cat or a dog ... In which case, I always wonder if some-one is missing her/him.

This one was different !!!
Not that I really knew the cat but I've seen her wonder around and it wasn't so long ago that I actually saw her waiting patiently for dinner at this "man-made cats' dinner" off this parking lot ...

Lounging in the sun or hunting in the surrounding fields, she had a nice shiny all black long hairs coat ...
It was hard passing by her liveless body right there on the side-walk just a few feet from the "diner" :'-(

So, after work, I stopped by the accident spot, picked her up and lay her to rest rolled in a carton sheet against the bushes right by there. I didn't know what to do really but couldn't stand the sight of her laying there in plain view on the side-walk ... And thinking so many person walked/drove by her without any care !!!

After this, I had to go by the "cats' dinner" and left a note to " the nice person who feeds the cats".
I announced the sad news.
I thought that maybe if this person was caring enough to have put little shelter and leaving food for the cats, she/he would like to know ... Maybe she/he had a name for this poor cat ... Maybe she/he would want to say her/his last goodbye and bury her/he nicely ...

It wasn't Friday and it might not qualify as a "Pay It Forward" action but this was my way of showing I care ...

What would you have done ??? What's your thought ???

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  1. Oh no! The poor kitty. I don't know if I could have picked it up and moved it. I probably would have called animal control or asked my husband to do it. I would have been bawling the entire time though!