Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's Go Out !?!?!?

Yesterday, I came back from work to a soaked, flustered husband and a panting kitty who were desperately looking for a cool spot ...

At 3pm, it was a scorching 100 degrees F inside the apartment !!!

At 10pm, even will all our best efforts ( all doors and windows open, 3 fans on ) it was still 90 degrees F !!! ( and our place is always in the shade of all the trees surrounding our building: I don't want to know the temperatures at our neighbors, whom are in full sun all day :-/ )

At this point, my husband looked at me and whispered: "Let's go out. There is no way that I'm gona turn on any burner on with this heat !!!"

So, we did. Off to Wendy's we were ...
And what a good idea that was !!!
I can't recall when the car AC felt SO GOOD !!!

We guest that a lot of people had the same idea 'cause when we got there, there was a 1 mile line at the drive-through ... !!!
But for once, we didn't care. We had 2 hours before closing time and no where in the rush to go back to our 'oven' of an apartment ...

And man, were we right not to hurry home !!! By the time we got back, the temperature had barely dropped 4 degrees ... :-/

Didn't cool of much all night and couldn't sleep :-(

Next time, we won't only go out: we shall check-in to Motel6 right down the street ... I'm telling you !!!

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