Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Don't Loose Your Accent ... !!!

Please, give me a break!!!
Yes, I want to loose it ...
It's one very annoying thing to have this following senario each time I open my mouth:

- "Hello, how are you doing?"
- "Fine, thank you! How about you?"
- "Oh! where are you from?"
(There we go again ... !!!)
- "Excuse me?"
-"Yes, your accent, what is it?"
(Gzzzzzz!!! I barely opened my mouth!?!?!?)
-"Well, have a wild guess!
(Actually, if you could make it an educated one ... That would be great for once!!!)
-"Nop! You are SO cold ... !!!"
-"So, what is it?"
-"No way!!!"
(Oh!!! Ya!!! Like if I didn't know myself!!!!)
-"French!? It's the best accent, the most beautiful language!
(Yes, right!!! Like if you knew what you were talking about!!! You couldn't even put your hand on it!!!???)
-"Comment allez-vous? Comment vous appelez vous? Je m'appelle ..."
(Oh, please!!!)
-"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?"
(Hell NO ... !!!)
-"That's all I know ... That's all I remember from High School class ..."
(Thank God!!! Bla, bla, bla ...)
-"Ok, got to go. Bye!"
(Looser ... !!!)

Each time it's the same deal!!! It's ridiculous ... really!!! I'm so tired of this scenario.

This accent thing is more like a speech disability more then anything, I'm telling you!!!
-"what did you say?"
-"what are you trying to say?"
-"I didn't understand what you just said!"

The only cool thing about the accent, is that I can blame it on my French when I have a patty mouth:
-"Oups! Excuse my French!"
And some time to get out of an illegal U turn ticket:
-"Pardon? Oh, desolee ... sorry ... Je suis perdue ... hu!!! ... I'm lost! ... "
Although I need to have my French passport handy instead of my Californian driving license!!! LOL.

Oh, well ... After 10 years in this country I should be used to it by now! But actually it drives me nuts. I wish I had gotten ride of this accent by now!

The worse is when I go back home and they ask me where I come from there too !!!!????

Man !!! ...
I can't win, can I ???


  1. Oh! That's horrible. I once went to the UK for a month and I had to endure the questions about being American. That was only for a month though, and it was pretty obvious I was American.

  2. Oh, that's too funny! I guess you'll just have to grin and bear it, because it's probably never going to stop!