Saturday, November 6, 2010

Through My iPhone Lens Saturday: Chocolate Chips Cookies.

This morning, I woke-up at 8:30, headed to the bathroom where I scared myself looking in the mirror !!!
Gee ... I looked like "Elephant-Woman" !!!
If only it was still Halloween !!!
But we are a week away from that weekend and I wasn't expecting to be even more swollen than yesterday ... This sight got my blood pressure to drop and back to bed I went :-/
I awoke again at 1pm in a crappy mood as my face wasn't any better. To add to my grumpiness, my dear HUBBY was having fun at my expense !!! In other time I would have laugh with him but I wasn't feeling good ...
I was in no mood nor state to switch-on my laptop and was missing on all the events, goodies, freebies of this Digital Scrapbooking Day ... Which made me even more miserable :-(
I spent my day on the couch watching FoodNetwork channel, reading emails, checking on FB and Twitter updates via my trusty iPhone ...
At the end, I was really down !!! But something had to be done. I had to move my lazy sorry ass and just had to snap out of it ...
So up I got and in the kitchen I went to try my hand at making some fresh Chocolate Chips Cookies for the first time ;-)
And here are a few pictures of the process !!!


  1. Glad you got up and at 'em. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Wish I had a cookie here in middle America!

  2. yum yum!!! I want some...glad you had some energy to do this...just don't overdo, let yourself heal up!!! And while you might not want to take a pic of being "Elephant Woman" You still might want to scrap about it when you can say "remember when" go take a self portrait or have hubby take one!!!

  3. @ Whisper Pink: I've the picture of the original accident 10 years ago ( even worse looking ) but I will not scrap with them. Although, I might do so with me being hairless because of chemotherapy. I will not do it with pictures of my ugly face ... The sight of it get me near fainting. Baldness on the other hand wasn't as bad of an experience and actually produced some cute photo !!!