Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday Tune 10/26/2010

So yesterday I had one of those day !!!

Monday I got assigned to cover for a coworker's route ...
Which in it's own isn't big of a deal !!!
But, it just happen that I didn't know this particular one ...

I was in for one LONG day !!!

So, not only I wasn't familiar with all those accounts but the order in which they were lined up on the worksheet wasn't efficient at all ...
I was wasting time at each places orientating myself, looking for water sources and where the plants were located ...
I was sent to all four corners of town with no logical order through traffic ...
To top it all, the one account that was the odd one on the map, the farthest away from the whole group and the trickiest to find happened to be a newly canceled location !!!

No really ???
It was supposed to be a day off ... a FULL day off too !!!
I usually work from 7am to 1:30pm ... It was 4:30pm by the time I was done !!!

Needless to say that frustration was to it's pick !!!

So for this day ... Here is my tune ;-)


  1. Oh no! Do you at least get paid hourly?

  2. Yes ... That the only good thing about all this and a reason why I refuse to upgrade to a managing position or any title/job that call for salary !!!
    So in those situation, I've to bite the bullet and do my job ...

    And when I think about it I have a grin on my face and the satisfaction to know that I'm actually better off then my stupid stubborn managers ...