Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"ER tune" :: Miscellaneous Wednesday

Where did Tuesday Tune 20/19/2010 go you might have ask !?!?!? (well, I can dream of followers liking and caring about this blog !!!)

The truth is my HUBBY hasn't been feeling right and I had to attend to him (as well as publishing a post on my other blog) which took quite some work and time ...
The trouble -a VERY bad nose bleed- brought us straight to the ER this morning !!!

My HUBBY hating everything associated with the word "doctor" is in for a real treat :-/

He got admitted right away ... (weight: checked, temperature: checked, blood pressure: checked, dumb questionary: answered ...)
He won the right to wear the fashionable gown ...

Now, let's the waiting game begin ... !!!

Wait 15 min for the nurse for another round of blood pressure checking, temperature and oh !!! ... something new: listening to the heart and lungs !!!
Wait for 20 min for the doc to show up for another fun game of answering the same stupid questions as previously ... and, oh !!! actually checking the trouble sinus !!!
Wait for 10 min for a nurse to come to draw blood ...

So until now, my HUBBY was taking everything VERY patiently and bravely ... The arrival of the nurse and her little caddy made him turn white and shaky as a leaf !!! Now it looked like he actually belonged to the ER: poor thing ...

It didn't help that the nurse had to go back and forth 3 times for missing items !!! First: she was missing the sample tube ... Second: ... I'm not sure what it was and the last time was to get gloves !!!
Now she was finally ready and Mr was stressed to the max ...
But luckily or should I say surprisingly, the nurse was SUPER GOOD and my HUBBY barely had time to squeeze his eyes shut and my hand tight, that all was over and the nurse gone with the precious liquid -my hand thanks the nurse for this fast and pain(full)less experience-

Well, as if it wasn't enough, we now had to wait for the blood results: really !!! ONE HOUR ... One LONG hour !!!

Thanksfully, all came up in good standing

Now we are heading to the nose specialist to figure out what caused this BIG-O drama while my traumatized HUBBY goes on and on apologizing for his winning, weakness and lack of heroism ...

So for my MAN, I dedicate this tune ...
'cause to my eyes you are the best there is: I LOVE YOU SWEETY <3 <3 <3

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